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This is a very quick introduction which will be replaced by a much better one soon.

The quick overview is that the aim is to produce an opensouce GIS application with a particular emphasis on spatial analyis.

The plan is the take the NetBeans java development environment, remove (or hide) all of the Java specific modules and replace them with mapping, visualisation and analysis modules. By doing this we keep all of the file mainagement, project management, workspaces, scripting and a host of other things that a good solid application should have and concentrate on the interesting things that we want to add.

NetBeans has a fantastic module architecture which makes it easy to add and remove components (editors, visualisors, services, filesystems,...). We want the process to be as open as possible from as early as posibele, so if you want to become involved in the design or contribution of modules (which do not nessasaraly have to be open source) then now is the time to do so. The initial arhitecture should be flexible enough for all user and developer needs so make sure we don't miss your needs out.

You can find more details and an evolving vision statment on the sourceforge development web site.

Getting Involved

If you are interested in contributing in any way, or even just want to follow the development closely then please do the following:

Go to the development web site at:
and take part in the forums.

Join the main discusion mailing using the form which can be found at:

Source Forge

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Project MapKenzie is maintained by the Center for Computational Geography, Leeds University.

3rd May 2001